Stepper motor-driven

Our FEM dosing pumps are based on a very simple design. The stepper motor causes a cam to rotate and this, in turn, moves the diaphragm up and down. This vertical movement causes pressure changes in the pump chamber which, combined with the operation of the inlet and outlet valves, produce the pump action. The pumps are availbale with many different hydraulic connections.

Model Dispense volume at
atm. pressure
Dosing rate at
atm. pressure
Pressure height
FEM 1.02.55 RC from 5 to 180 --- 60
FEM 1.09.55 RC from 10 to 520 --- 60
FEM 1.02 --- from 0.2 to 20 60
FEM 1.09 --- from 0.9 to 90 60