Laboratory Equipment

Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pumps for Moist Gases

KNF LABOPORT® SD is the name of our chemically resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps with integrated self-drying system. These pumps offer all the advantages of our chemically resistant range combined with an automatic self-drying system to prevent the accumulation of condensates in applications involving wet gases, for example in vacuum drying chambers. The condensate is blown out of the pump heads at regular, user-defined intervals while the vacuum in the receptacle is maintained. The key benefits are increased effective suction speed and extended service lives in wet gas application conditions.

Model Flow rate at
atm. pressure
(mbar absolute)
(bar g)
N 820.3 FT.40.18 20 10 1
N 840.3 FT.40.18 34 10 1
N 860.3 FT.40.18 60 4 1
N 022
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