Laboratory Equipment

ATEX Vacuum Pumps

In selected LABOPORT® FT pumps, the inner, wetted area has been equipped to transfer explosive atmospheres. LABOPORT® FT pumps equipped in this way are suitable for the equipment category 2G, and are thus designated for transferring gases, vapors or mists that create conditions in which the occasional formation of an explosive atmosphere is likely.

ATEX key: ATEX II 2/-G IIB+H2 T3 Gb internal atmosphere only

Model Flow rate at
atm. pressure
(mbar absolute)
(bar g)
N 810.3 FT.18 10 down to 8 1
N 820.3 FT.18 20 down to 8 1
N 840.3 FT.18 34 down to 8 1
N 022
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